BEST Video Editor for YouTubers! (Filmora Beginner Guide & Tutorial)

Learn about Wondershare's new video editing software, "Filmora9" (for Mac & Windows) which I think is the best video editor for YouTubers and beginners! I can make a comparison to other programs like Adobe Rush and iMovie, where the simplicity & functionality is there and they're targeted towards online content creators. There is a great number of filters/LUTs, overlays (light leaks, lens flares, film, tv static), motion graphics (titles, intros, outros, lower-thirds), and stock audio (music and sound effects).

Download Filmora9:
Download Cool Filmora Effect Packs:

In addition to all the features, Filmora9 has, the editor is also very-easy-to-use. Filmora has added to the ability to create proxies & lower the playback quality of your videos for smoother playback. They've also added better color grading capabilities, video stabilization, and audio editing (noise removal & equalization).

VSDC FREE Video Editor: Beginner Editing Guide & Tutorial!

Learn how about this free video editing software called "VSDC Free Video Editor" for Windows that has no time, feature, and format limitations, no watermarks (unlike the likes of Filmora), no trial periods, and has low system requirements (for any beginners) who are just in need of a basic video editor. VSDC also has screen capture and video capture tools built-in (similar to Camtasia Studio and Movavi).


I've teamed up with VSDC to give away 5 Pro versions of the software! Leave a comment about your favourite feature of the program below.

I will be announcing the winners on my Twitter:

In addition to having basic video editing features, the VSDC editor has some popular video effects that you can use like split screen, text mask, picture-in-picture, and Chroma Key. All of these effects are very easy to accomplish because of the very user-friendly interface and take less than 2 minutes to apply.

As for the Pro version of VSDC, the main advantage in comparison to the free version is the hardware acceleration. The hardware acceleration makes for faster rendering/exporting of videos after editing. Adding on this, the Pro version has other advanced features such as video masking, audio waveform, video stabilization, and motion paths. The free version already includes everything you would need to make YouTube videos and other stuff that requires basic editing, however, you can do a little bit more with the Pro version. The price of the Pro version is $19.99/year which is very competitive when comparing it to other low-priced editors like Filmora ($89.99/year).

"The Life of Pablo" Cover Art Text Effect - Photoshop CC Tutorial

For the 3rd anniversary of Kanye West's studio album, "The Life of Pablo" I decided to make a video on how to re-create the cover art! This album artwork is very easy to replicate as it's just text over a plain background, however, I wanted to show you some techniques that will help speed up your workflow. In this video, I teach you how to create brushes out of text and how you can use it to make your job much easier.

"The Life of Pablo" Cover Art Photoshop Template:



Get Adobe Photoshop CC:
If You're Reading This It's Too Late Cover Art Tutorial:
Thank Me Later Cover Art Tutorial:
So Far Gone Cover Art Tutorial:
Brockhampton Iridescence Cover Art Tutorial:
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"So Far Gone" Text Effect - Photoshop CC Tutorial

For the 10th anniversary of Drake's debut mix tape, "So Far Gone" I decided to make a video on how to re-create the text effect/cover art! This cover art is fairly easy to replicate as there are no special effects applied or anything a beginner can't do. There is no skewing/distortion of the text, it's simply to just the rotating and resizing of it. This album artwork is known for its unique use of text and the placement of it.

"So Far Gone" Cover Art Photoshop Template: (Must reach 250 likes)

Aubrey Graham:
Futura Extra Bold:
Get Adobe Photoshop CC:

Thank Me Later Cover Art Tutorial:
If You're Reading This It's Too Late Cover Art Tutorial:
Brockhampton Iridescence Cover Art Tutorial:
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If You're Reading This It's Too Late Artwork - Photoshop Tutorial

For the 4th anniversary of Drake's studio album, "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" I decided to make a video on how to re-create the cover art! This album artwork is very easy to replicate as it's just text over a white background and that's what I want you guys to get out of this video. When you look at a memorable cover artwork like Blonde by Frank Ocean, you can easily attach yourself to the text/image because it's so simple. You don't have to over complicate your art, most artwork out there is fairly simple and to the point (photography with text).

"If You're Reading This It's Too Late" Cover Art Photoshop Template: (Must reach 150 likes)

With My Woes:
It's Too Late:


Get Adobe Photoshop CC:

Thank Me Later Cover Art Tutorial:
So Far Gone Cover Art Tutorial:
Brockhampton Iridescence Cover Art Tutorial:
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How to Shoot Photos in HARSH Sunlight!

Learn how to shoot portrait photos in harsh/direct sunlight! Usually, when you shooting in the morning/mid-day it's hard to get good shots without a reflector or flash because of the shadows that are created. In this video, I'll be showing you 5 of my favourite tips for taking better pictures in situations like this. These tips are not meant for people her like to be very technical but rather more experimental.

1. Overdo the shadows

Instead of trying to remove shadows from the face, try creating more shadows or creating a silhouette.

2. Overdo the highlights

Utilize the light to your advantage and make any sources of light pop (including light flares).

3. Shoot between objects

You'll be able to make your photos look better and remove any additional light that may be creating too many shadows/highlights.

4. Shoot with the light behind the subject

I believe your best bet when shooting with harsh lighting is to have the light behind your subject. It's the best way to experiment with creating silhouettes and light flares.

5. Masking & color grading

If you want to be more technical and less experimental, you should look into learning how to mask in Adobe Lightroom and how to use the shadow/highlight sliders to your advantage.

Get Adobe Lightroom CC:
Portrait Photoshoot in An Alleyway (ft. Kalyn Nicholson):

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Color Splash Effect - Lightroom CC Tutorial (2019)

Learn how to achieve the selective color splash effect in Adobe Lightroom CC 2019 for beginners! In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance) sliders and adjustment brushes to remove certain colors in your photographs. This can also be achieved in Photoshop CC, however, it makes much more sense to do this in Lightroom if you are also already color grading in the photo editing program.

My Presets:
Get Adobe Lightroom CC:

Dramatic Photo Effect:
Orange & Teal Look in Lightroom:
How to Edit Like Justin Escalona:
How to Edit Concert Photos in Lightroom:

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NEW Blue Wallpaper Pack 1.0

I’ve had people ask me to send them photos to use as wallpapers for the longest time now. I decided that I will be releasing a “wallpaper pack” every single week from now on. Each week contain 10 different photos of a particular theme. This week’s theme is “blue” and contains a variety of concert photos.

How to Get a Photo Pass for Concerts & Sporting Events!

Learn how to get a photo/press/media pass for concerts and sporting events! I've had the pleasure of providing coverage for several media outlets over this past year, including concerts/shows from H.E.R., Travis Scott, Teyana Taylor, Daniel Caesar, Tory Lanez, Roy Woods, Baka Not Nice, Killy, 24Hrs, Anders, and Ramriddlz! I've worked for multiple publications including 93.5 the Move and The Come Up Show!

Obtaining these credentials can be hard at first but once you get into one show, you'll slowly find other ways to get into events. I'll be teaching you the best ways to get into shows and who you should contact!

1. Build a portfolio
Before you even try sending out e-mails and reaching out to people, you must first have work to show for. This is especially true if you are a freelance photographer and don't have a company to back you. The best way to do this without spending money to get into events is to shoot public/free events, festivals, and college/university-run events because they are the easiest to get into.

2. Find a media outlet/promotion company to work for
As I mentioned before, it is very hard to get into events as a freelance photographer especially if you don't know anyone and don't have the connections. When you have a media outlet backing you and reaching out to artists and promotion companies on your behalf, it makes it a lot of easier for you.

Media outlets get access to almost every event, so my biggest advice is to get into contact with a media company. The same thing goes with working for a promotion company (ex. Live Nation), although they don't get access to every event, only the events they promote. Media outlets are publications such as magazines, blogs, and radio stations. Often times the most reputable and respected media outlets get access to events, not necessarily the biggest one.

Promotion companies are the people that put together the event, decide what media has access to the events, and promotes the event. Smaller promotion companies will be matched with smaller artists, bigger promotion companies will be matched with bigger artists. If you find a way to make a connection with a promotion company that would be ideal because you'll have a guaranteed chance of getting into an event, whereas working for a media outlet is not guaranteed.

3. Wait for a response
It took me a lot of time to get to this point. A lot of reaching out to people, literally sending out hundreds of emails a week. I've probably only gotten 5-10 responses to this day. Go out there and apply to media passes to festivals, and reach out to people even if you're unsure if you can get in or not. Soon enough you'll know enough people to the point you won't need to reach out to people; that's what is happening to me.

Why are the media passes given to media outlets?
- The photos taken are usually published in their magazine, blog, or whatever the case is and provides good press (benefit for artists)
- The benefit for the media outlets are they have relevant content to post

If you are working for a media outlet you are only able to shoot the first 3 songs (most of the time) with no flash from the photo pit.
- Allows you to capture enough content
- Allows the personal photographers/videographers to have more exclusive shots
- People directly working with the artist have all-access (they can shoot from ANYWHERE)

Things to keep in mind:
- Not every media outlet will get access to an event
- Most media outlets will only be able to get 1 or 2 media passes
- Only legitimate media outlets get these passes; being an influencer or owning a big Instagram account doesn’t count
- If you do find a media outlet to work for, it will usually be for free
- You will also be notified on very short notice; sometimes the morning before the show.