What REMOVING Instagram Likes Will Do to INFLUENCERS!

Instagram has just recently tested with removing the like count off posts in Canada and I talk about how this will affect an everyday user and influencers. Because there are people who make an active living off of doing paid/sponsored content for brands on Instagram, I thought it'd be interesting to discuss how it'll affect those people.

For an everyday user, not much will change besides the fact that more people will probably post because of the fear of not performing "well". This also goes the same way with people who use Instagram for their businesses.

For brands, this makes it harder for them to find influencers with REAL engagement. The two metrics that were used to define engagement were likes and comments and now one of them is removed. Brands will now have to target influencers with more comments (engagement) or contact influencers directly for more insight on their reach.

For influencers, this means you will have to channel more effort toward getting genuine comments from your followers. Whether this is through asking questions in captions or a call-to-action on your Instagram story.