How to Get 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Learn how to grow your YouTube channel (get more subscribers & views) and how I got 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and a silver play button! This video isn't to show you "hacks" or fast ways to grow because that's usually not how it goes. I talk about creating evergreen content and not just viral/trendy content.

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One of the main ways I get views on my YouTube channel is through the YouTube search. Some people may find that their views come through video recommendations or from their subscription box, but if your content is searchable it is important to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Creating playlists also fall into this category. When people watch your videos, you want them to be aware of your other content and commit/subscribe to your channel. If you have playlists with other relevant content you make, the viewer is more intrigued to check out your other videos. This also ties into call-to-actions at the beginning/end of your videos. You don't want people to just view your video once and never see your videos again. If you, for example, ask for a subscription or even for the viewer to drop a comment to improve the interaction on your videos, it'll increase the chances they get more involved with your channel and subscribe.

The three C's as I mentioned in the video are consistency, collaboration, and communication.

Consistency: Uploading regularly about the same niche/topic

Collaboration: Working with other similar YouTube channels to introduce yourself to new audiences. Also good for a change in content and may make the process of making a video faster.

Communication: Reply to comments & DM's and use the feedback you get towards your content. Run polls, ask questions, answer questions, etc.

I also talked about finding an "excuse" to post as much as you can. This isn't just for YouTube but every other social platform. This ties back to making videos on what's viral/trendy. If it's someone's birthday, something new released, or it's a particular holiday, for example, use that to your advantage.

Branding is also a very important factor in growing your YouTube channel. Learn how to create visually attractive thumbnails and what attracts your demographics eye. Also make sure your style is consistent throughout your thumbnails, your logo, your banner, your website, and your social media. You want to have a style that is recognizable and clearly attached to your channel name.