How to Shoot Photos in HARSH Sunlight!

Learn how to shoot portrait photos in harsh/direct sunlight! Usually, when you shooting in the morning/mid-day it's hard to get good shots without a reflector or flash because of the shadows that are created. In this video, I'll be showing you 5 of my favourite tips for taking better pictures in situations like this. These tips are not meant for people her like to be very technical but rather more experimental.

1. Overdo the shadows

Instead of trying to remove shadows from the face, try creating more shadows or creating a silhouette.

2. Overdo the highlights

Utilize the light to your advantage and make any sources of light pop (including light flares).

3. Shoot between objects

You'll be able to make your photos look better and remove any additional light that may be creating too many shadows/highlights.

4. Shoot with the light behind the subject

I believe your best bet when shooting with harsh lighting is to have the light behind your subject. It's the best way to experiment with creating silhouettes and light flares.

5. Masking & color grading

If you want to be more technical and less experimental, you should look into learning how to mask in Adobe Lightroom and how to use the shadow/highlight sliders to your advantage.

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Portrait Photoshoot in An Alleyway (ft. Kalyn Nicholson):

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