In this video, I talk about my inactivity on YouTube and my rediscovered passion for photography. It's been a while since I've had this much fun taking pictures and all due to my new polaroid and film camera. I take you on my shoot of Joey Bada$$ and The Flatbush Zombies on the Beast Coast: Escape from New York Tour w/ Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, and The Underachievers.

It was a new experience shooting at a new venue and a concert again after taking a break from concert photography. I also tried out a new lens filter for my camera that turns bokeh into a star-like shape.

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Why I Stopped Trying to Be a “YouTuber”


I’ve always had this image of what a “YouTuber” is in my head and I’m sure a lot of people hold the same image in their heads; an outgoing personality.

You’ll find yourself watching YouTubers screaming at the camera, or being over dramatic reacting to something if you browse long enough.

Since the beginning of YouTube, a majority of the YouTubers plastered on the trending page fit this exact description. There is nothing entirely wrong with these style of videos but it also doesn’t have to be the way you approach making videos. You may not be fit to make these type of videos.

From my own observation and experience, I find that a lot of people who choose to start YouTube channels feel like they also have to fit this stereotype; I definitely did. I’m not a natural talker and for the longest time, I found it very hard to talk to the camera. I started my channel over 3 years ago and have uploaded 300+ videos and I don’t think I’ve gotten that much better. If you watch my first video, this is very evident.

Recently, I’ve taken a step back from my YouTube channel to find when and where I lost my passion for creating YouTube videos. A lot of it had to do with the constant pressure to speak on camera a certain way or to make a viral video. I think a lot of what initially sparks you is lost on the way when you’re constantly comparing yourself to others. When you’re copying thumbnail styles, video intros, and feel the need to say “subscribe and like” a lot of that passion is lost in the process. It only gets worse when you feel like you’re obligated to upload multiple videos a week and stay active on every social platform despite while juggling other responsibilities that require more attention, trust me I’ve been there and done it. It gets even worse when you’re not getting paid for any of this. You absolutely do not need to upload multiple times a week and do outrageous things to be successful on YouTube. Be you, and make videos your own way. Staying authentic will not only make making videos easier for you, but it’ll also create better results. Things are easier to do when they come naturally to you. Try not to feel pressured to do exactly what everyone else is because they are entirely different people than you. Maybe you don’t want to show your face, or maybe you don’t even wanna speak, do what you’re good at. You might even want to think about whether or not you should start a channel. Maybe you’re better at writing and should possibly start a blog. Straying away from yourself will only hurt you.

My biggest piece of advice for anyone starting on YouTube is to treat this “thing” as a passion project until you can put more effort into it. These “YouTubers” you see making millions of dollars are only able to achieve such because they have the time and resources to. They’re able to spend 6 full days a week filming and editing videos. Unless you’re willing to drop out of school or quit your full-time job, don’t expect amazing results because it’s tough to keep persisting making videos when you’re a) not getting paid and b) not even enjoying it. You also need to remember that this a full-time job for these YouTubers and they are normal people. Don’t feel bad if you can’t upload one day, your subscribers probably won’t notice, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have a big fan base. Upload when you can, and don’t feel pressured to constantly produce amazing content right away and multiple times a week. The algorithm will tell you different but your mental health will tell you the same.

Striving to become a “YouTuber” is unrealistic and isn’t even something I’d recommend (my opinion of course). If YouTube is like the TV, a lot of these YouTubers have reality TV shows, and although they garner views, it's not something I’d like to be a part of. You may want to get your first viral video or become “YouTube famous” but you probably won’t get to that point if you stop uploading after your 5th video gets 12 views and you’re disappointed. Treat YouTube as a platform to share your own unique perspective and you’ll go a much longer way. If you’re a singer, treat it as a place where you can upload your covers. If you’re a videographer, use it as a hub for your films. You don’t need to follow the standard that everyone tells you to. Longevity is the goal, and if your behaviour involves you trying to make some quick cash and get your 15 seconds of fame, you won’t last long, trust me.

What REMOVING Instagram Likes Will Do to INFLUENCERS!

Instagram has just recently tested with removing the like count off posts in Canada and I talk about how this will affect an everyday user and influencers. Because there are people who make an active living off of doing paid/sponsored content for brands on Instagram, I thought it'd be interesting to discuss how it'll affect those people.

For an everyday user, not much will change besides the fact that more people will probably post because of the fear of not performing "well". This also goes the same way with people who use Instagram for their businesses.

For brands, this makes it harder for them to find influencers with REAL engagement. The two metrics that were used to define engagement were likes and comments and now one of them is removed. Brands will now have to target influencers with more comments (engagement) or contact influencers directly for more insight on their reach.

For influencers, this means you will have to channel more effort toward getting genuine comments from your followers. Whether this is through asking questions in captions or a call-to-action on your Instagram story.

How to Make YouTube Thumbnails with Adobe Photoshop CC! (Tutorial)

Learn how to create basic/clean thumbnails for your YouTube videos with Adobe Photoshop CC 2019! In this tutorial, I tried to make it easy for beginners to follow and fit the styles of all types of channels (beauty, tutorials, gaming, technology, etc.). We go through using brushes, blend modes, blending options, clipping masks, and more!


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Double Exposure Effect - PicsArt (Photo Editing Tutorial)

Learn how to create the popular photo effect called "Double Exposure" in PicsArt in this mobile photo editing tutorial! This effect is usually created on Photoshop CC 2019 but I thought I would make an easy to follow tutorial for beginners to follow this video!

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Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial:

This video is sponsored by PicsArt.

Editing Photos from the Travis Scott Astroworld Tour (Lightroom CC Tutorial)

Learn how to edit concert photos using Adobe Lightroom CC 2019! In this video, I show you how I edited the photos I took at the Travis Scott Astroworld/Wish You Were Here Tour! I snuck my camera in this time around and didn't have a photo/media pass so the photos turned out much better because there were no restrictions.

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How to Get 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Learn how to grow your YouTube channel (get more subscribers & views) and how I got 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and a silver play button! This video isn't to show you "hacks" or fast ways to grow because that's usually not how it goes. I talk about creating evergreen content and not just viral/trendy content.

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One of the main ways I get views on my YouTube channel is through the YouTube search. Some people may find that their views come through video recommendations or from their subscription box, but if your content is searchable it is important to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

YouTube SEO Tutorial:

Creating playlists also fall into this category. When people watch your videos, you want them to be aware of your other content and commit/subscribe to your channel. If you have playlists with other relevant content you make, the viewer is more intrigued to check out your other videos. This also ties into call-to-actions at the beginning/end of your videos. You don't want people to just view your video once and never see your videos again. If you, for example, ask for a subscription or even for the viewer to drop a comment to improve the interaction on your videos, it'll increase the chances they get more involved with your channel and subscribe.

The three C's as I mentioned in the video are consistency, collaboration, and communication.

Consistency: Uploading regularly about the same niche/topic

Collaboration: Working with other similar YouTube channels to introduce yourself to new audiences. Also good for a change in content and may make the process of making a video faster.

Communication: Reply to comments & DM's and use the feedback you get towards your content. Run polls, ask questions, answer questions, etc.

I also talked about finding an "excuse" to post as much as you can. This isn't just for YouTube but every other social platform. This ties back to making videos on what's viral/trendy. If it's someone's birthday, something new released, or it's a particular holiday, for example, use that to your advantage.

Branding is also a very important factor in growing your YouTube channel. Learn how to create visually attractive thumbnails and what attracts your demographics eye. Also make sure your style is consistent throughout your thumbnails, your logo, your banner, your website, and your social media. You want to have a style that is recognizable and clearly attached to your channel name.

BEST Video Editor for YouTubers! (Filmora Beginner Guide & Tutorial)

Learn about Wondershare's new video editing software, "Filmora9" (for Mac & Windows) which I think is the best video editor for YouTubers and beginners! I can make a comparison to other programs like Adobe Rush and iMovie, where the simplicity & functionality is there and they're targeted towards online content creators. There is a great number of filters/LUTs, overlays (light leaks, lens flares, film, tv static), motion graphics (titles, intros, outros, lower-thirds), and stock audio (music and sound effects).

Download Filmora9:
Download Cool Filmora Effect Packs:

In addition to all the features, Filmora9 has, the editor is also very-easy-to-use. Filmora has added to the ability to create proxies & lower the playback quality of your videos for smoother playback. They've also added better color grading capabilities, video stabilization, and audio editing (noise removal & equalization).

VSDC FREE Video Editor: Beginner Editing Guide & Tutorial!

Learn how about this free video editing software called "VSDC Free Video Editor" for Windows that has no time, feature, and format limitations, no watermarks (unlike the likes of Filmora), no trial periods, and has low system requirements (for any beginners) who are just in need of a basic video editor. VSDC also has screen capture and video capture tools built-in (similar to Camtasia Studio and Movavi).


I've teamed up with VSDC to give away 5 Pro versions of the software! Leave a comment about your favourite feature of the program below.

I will be announcing the winners on my Twitter:

In addition to having basic video editing features, the VSDC editor has some popular video effects that you can use like split screen, text mask, picture-in-picture, and Chroma Key. All of these effects are very easy to accomplish because of the very user-friendly interface and take less than 2 minutes to apply.

As for the Pro version of VSDC, the main advantage in comparison to the free version is the hardware acceleration. The hardware acceleration makes for faster rendering/exporting of videos after editing. Adding on this, the Pro version has other advanced features such as video masking, audio waveform, video stabilization, and motion paths. The free version already includes everything you would need to make YouTube videos and other stuff that requires basic editing, however, you can do a little bit more with the Pro version. The price of the Pro version is $19.99/year which is very competitive when comparing it to other low-priced editors like Filmora ($89.99/year).

"The Life of Pablo" Cover Art Text Effect - Photoshop CC Tutorial

For the 3rd anniversary of Kanye West's studio album, "The Life of Pablo" I decided to make a video on how to re-create the cover art! This album artwork is very easy to replicate as it's just text over a plain background, however, I wanted to show you some techniques that will help speed up your workflow. In this video, I teach you how to create brushes out of text and how you can use it to make your job much easier.

"The Life of Pablo" Cover Art Photoshop Template:



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So Far Gone Cover Art Tutorial:
Brockhampton Iridescence Cover Art Tutorial:
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